We have a pristine C5 Z06 in the shop this week for some basic HPDE service prior to the Driver’s Edge weekend on June 6-7. Kelly brought this car to us for the first time back in 2011 for its very first HPDE tech inspection and brake fluid flush. At that time the car was practically stock, except for the Magnuson supercharger. As with most drivers, once he got this car on track, he was hooked and wanted more. Since then, many changes and upgrades have been made to make this a quicker and more reliable track day car.

C5 Z06 track day alignment

Most of the parts and upgrades on this Corvette are very common for any track day car, regardless of the make or model. First, we replaced the inadequate OE brake system with an AP racing brake kit, Carbotech pads, stainless steel brake lines and the Doug Rippie Motorsports brake ducting kit. To improve engine cooling, we installed a high flow water pump and Dewitt’s aluminum radiator and oil cooler. For the suspension, Kelly wanted something that would be good for the track, as well as weekend street use so we chose the Pfadt Johnny O’Connell shocks and swaybars. Finally, to make the car more responsive, we installed polyurethane control arm bushings and the Pfadt alignment kit. This kit not only gives us the camber adjustment we need, it also eliminates the factory alignment bolts, which have known to slip under track conditions.

Corvette C5 Z06 AP Racing big brake kit HPDE track day

Corvette shocks HPDE

Corvette C5 Z06 swaybars HPDE Upgrades

As for the interior, we had to get rid of the factory seats and seat belts, as they were not at all up to the task of keeping the driver in place. So we installed a harness bar along with a pair of Cobra Suzuka race seats and Crow Enterprises 6 point harnesses. These are a must have for any car that will see extensive track time.

C5 Corvette Cobra seats

This car has come a long way over the last 4 years and we have been proud to be part of its transition. All changes and improvements were carefully considered and we feel it is a great example of how to build a bulletproof track day car. Be sure to check it out at future Driver’s Edge and Apex Driving Academy events.

The Driver's Edge MSR Cresson C5 E46 S14